Tidy Pets

Meet The Pack of Trainers

A dog has always been present in my life. Even as I grew in my mother's belly, there was a german shepard named Thunder who anxiously awaited my arrival. Fast forward and I now have a pack of my own. They have been faithful in their training and inspiration for me to start Tidy Pets. 

They insisted I give them the proper recognition they deserved for their never ending poop that needs to be scooped. After all I have logged thousands of poop scoop hours as a pet owner in preparation for this business. I would not be here without them or any of the previous fur family members that enriched my life with their love and tail wags.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ~ Josh Billings


Here is a little about me: 

First things first, I was not named after the rapper Drake. I am not even Canadian. Now that we have that out of the way, I am wondering when all of these other dogs are leaving. I am over all of this. My humans call me the fun police. They even have a theme song for me when I break up the fun. "Ain't nobody gonna have no fun!" I kinda dig that theme song. It is catchy. I am not a fan of sudden movements, humans putting on their pants, and too much noise. I'll leave the room for all three. I fancy stinky smells.  


Fun monitoring, textile consumption, poop picker upper, tongue floor mopping, posing just like my mom. See photo as evidence.


Bently Maximus

Here is a little about me: 

I consider myself the alpha dog even though I am human. Sometimes I am a cat. I think I am way smaller than I am so I lack spacial awareness, occasionally standing on couch armrest and attempting to walk under my fellow human's legs. Like I said, I am a cat. However, I am a dog's dog. I LOVE fetch and cardboard is my chosen drug of choice. I'm an attention hog on my terms but I am not a big fan of snuggling unless I am in the mood to snuggle. My terms. Oh, and ALL the balls in the house are mine.


Cleaning the kitchen counter, disposing of any available foods, cardboard recycling, throwing temper tantrums when my fellow humans leave, cat things.


Lady Fox

Here is a little about me: 

They named me Cherry at the adoption center. My mom changed by name to Lady Fox when she adopted me. Boy, am I happy she did. Who wants to be named Cherry for the rest of their lives? Besides Fox fits me much better. I am wild at heart and a little cra cra. I would prefer to be free although I do love my mom's petting and massage skills, the treats, and the pampered life. I am a cunning escape artist that relishes in the small doses of freedom whenever I have the opportunity. Oh, and I love kisses both receiving and giving and I LOVE metal. Metal is treasure. The best right after escaping and kisses.


Digging, escaping, supreme lizard catcher (regardless of what Henry says), metal detector, sunbathing, giving stank face. 


Henry Popcorn

Here is a little about me: 

Actually regardless of what Bently says, I am the alpha dog. I have seniority which confirms this statement as fact! I also love playing fetch more than Bently. If a bag comes into the house, I have to inspect its contents. Admittedly, I am a bit anxious and somewhat of an attention hog. I am self aware. I have been known to dig my way to China as well as into the neighbor's yard. I love catching my humans off guard with stealthy licks. They rather I not, but who cares what they want.  Actually, ALL the balls in the house are mine, not Bently's. 


Drive by lickings of the lower extremities, finding comfortable places to sleep, digging, fetching, eating, lizard hunter supreme (not Fox!).



Here is a little about me: 

I am the smallest, yet the loudest of the pack. I am a mouthy little something. I usually call on my vocals when my humans are giving the attention they should be giving me to the other dogs. No bueno. Because I am the smallest, I always get picked up. I have learned to like it because I do not have a choice. I LOVE to lick, lick, lick, lick and lick some more. I am especially fond of licking other dog's mouths and legs after workouts and baths. I am a stealthy licker. I love to snuggle and make cute noises. Gets them every time.


Stealthy licking, causing a scene, licking, cleaning up the kitchen floor, looking out of windows, licking.