Residential Service Pricing

Value Added Services

Tidy Pets approaches pooper scooping holistically. From our environmentally friendly service process to taking care of your yard like it is our own, we offer value packed pricing. We go beyond just scooping. Our value added services include:

  • Using all eco-friendly products.
  • Spraying down of any poop residue left behind after we scoop.
  • Using continuous cleaning for our scooping rake as needed, to ensure a cleaner scoop.
  • Disinfecting of all equipment between yards. 
  • Treating poop with deodorizer.
  • Removing small debris and anything that may be harmful to you or your pets.
  • Toy recovery. That goes for the dog toys as well as their human’s toys.
  • Alerting pet owners of any unusual poop that could be a cause for concern.
  • Alerting pet owners of any issues on the property we may see during our service.
  • Quarterly newsletter containing tips and updates.
  • Monthly Tidy Pets Treats.
  • Birthday Paws Program. 
Puppy by pool

Are you ready to leave the poop scooping to the professionals?

Who does not like choices? We offer several monthly pricing options to meet your needs. Our 12 month and 6 month subscriptions come with discounted pricing. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time with 30-days advance notice. We also have a pricing option for customers who do not want a service subscription. The prices below are based on an average yard size between 45-56 square feet. Additional charges may apply based on yard size, 4 or more dogs, alternate terrain (such as rocks, artificial turf and shrubbery), consistent extra wet poop and additional cleaning needs. 

One - Two Dogs

Pricing For Scoop Services for 1-2 Dogs

Three - Four Dogs

Once/Week Scoop is not available for three or more dogs.

Pricing For Scoop Services for 3-4 Dogs

Do you have more than 4 dogs? Not a problem! Please contact us for customized pricing.

Additional Fees & Discounts

Yard Reset

We get our customers started off right with a yard reset. All new customer’s receive an initial cleaning. This service starts at $50 and is based on time, labor and the amount of poop.

Extra Tidiness

For customers that need a little extra tidiness, there is an additional monthly fee of $12 for once a week service and $24 for twice a week service for each of the following:

  • Extra large yards.
  • Front and back yard cleaning.
  • Dogs that consistently have excessive wet poop.

One-Time Cleanings

One-time cleanings start at $90. We will need to take a look at the yard to provide a customized price based on time, labor and the amount of poop


The following discounts are available:

  • 10% off for senior citizens and veterans with appropriate identification.
  • The monthly service fee may be decreased for small yards/dog potty areas.

Commercial Service Pricing

We offer poop scoop service for communities, public spaces, events, private gatherings, as well as real estate and development related cleanings. Please email us at so we can discuss services to meet your specific needs!