Temporary Scheduling

Tidy Pets is a small business with a small number of staff. We work to make adjustments to schedules (to ensure the continuation of service) in observance of the holidays, staff vacations and call outs, and inclement weather. Below you will find your adjusted schedule. You will receive a text before arrival and after completion as usual.

Thank you as always for your understanding and flexibility. We always strive to provide you and your pets with excellent customer service.

How To Read The Calendar

If you received a text message with the link to this page, please check the week that was referenced in the text message to see what changes have been made to your service. Look for either one of your pet’s names or your last name to see what days you will have service. If one of your pet’s names or your last name is not listed on a day that you regularly receive service, that means there will be no service for you on that day. Your service will return to normal after the indicated temporary changes.

Have Questions?

Should you have any questions, please contact Kamilah at scoopthepoop@tidypetservice.com or 786-520-5809.